Send me your recipes. I’ll make you famous.

April 15th, 2015|Events, Pure Abundance News|

Happy spring, and welcome to farmers market season! East Atlanta Village Farmers Market begins tomorrow. The cheese and I will be there every Thursday. It's a sweet market in a sweet space, and there are grand plans to improve the space and turn it into a community park. Find out what's in store and how you can help [...]

A BBQ joint goes vegan on Mondays in March; ChantLanta this weekend

March 4th, 2015|Events, Pure Abundance News, Restaurants|

Hello, friends! I know the word "meatless" can be ambiguous, and I assure you the menu is 100% vegan! Two big, fun, delicious things are coming up: On 4 Mondays this month, beginning on the 9th, Guelila Fornetti of New Dimensional Nourishment Cuisine is taking over Al's BBQ in Marietta and turning it into [...]

Cashew Cheese available OTP and delivered to your home. Seriously.

February 23rd, 2015|Pure Abundance News|

Click to see full size delivery map I'm just giddy to announce that Pure Abundance is now available through Nature's Garden Express. Their service is a dream come true if you value local, organic food and maximum convenience. They'll deliver food right to your home. Check out their huge delivery area: east beyond Athens, [...]

Atlanta’s best pizza has Pure Abundance on it

January 30th, 2015|Pure Abundance News, Restaurants|

What's your favorite pizza place? There's a certain spot I used to frequent, ordering the same pizza every time. It had about 50 pounds of dairy cheese on it, and it was delicious. When I gave up dairy, I switched to their one vegan option. It was good but boring. So I forgot about pizza... [...]

Pure Abundance on a breakfast menu, and free wine & cheese this Saturday

January 9th, 2015|Events, Pure Abundance News, Restaurants|

Know what's better than Cashew Cheese? Cashew Cheese with wine & crackers. I'll be at The Mercantile with cheese samples during the wine tasting this Saturday from noon-3:00, and Earth Biscuit Foods will be there with their delicious vegan crackers. Please join us for day drinking and snacks. A happy belly makes you warm on the inside. And some exciting breakfast [...]