Pure Abundance In Creative Loafing

  "[Atlantans] are just open-minded, sophisticated, into food," [Allison Wunderland] says. "It's not just hamburgers and hot dogs anymore. I think people want to be up on what's the latest thing. And people are cool about paying for something that is quality, organic, artisan made." (Original article entitled "Pure Abundance offers cheese for the dairy-averse" by Beca [...]

Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur on Curiously Veg Radio

  Do you remember a world without podcasts? I do. Commuting was a chore. Music in the car was nice, but it didn't engage my mind enough to keep me entertained. Most talk radio was boring, or offensive, or both. Enter podcasts. Thanks to the miracle that is the internet, we now have unlimited options for drive time [...]

February 23rd, 2016|Audio, Press, Videos|

Atlanta’s Very Own Vegan Cheese

(Original article by Brook Bolen for Scoutmob.) Atlanta has a reputation as a foodie’s paradise, and luckily for plant-based eaters, that includes an ever-expanding array of vegan products and eateries. Chief among these is Pure Abundance vegan cheese, a locally-made cashew-based cheese that’s so good even non-vegans are gobbling it up. Just in time for [...]

Pure Abundance Vegan Cheese, Crowdpleaser and Conversation Piece

(Original article by Kem for Atlanta On the Path.) Local Roots, my favorite delivery service, delivered Pure Abundance vegan cheese directly to my front door two weeks ago for a dinner party.  Talk about simplifying my party planning-I was thrilled that this specialty cheese, a conversation piece NO DOUBT arrived without me driving! I loved [...]

Cashew Cheese: Love at First Bite

(Original article by Danielle for Garnish & Gather.) Allison of Pure Abundance is stirring up a vegan cheese revolution. She snuck into the G&G office and left a goodie in each of your bags this week - a sample of her delicious cashew cheese! Learn more about what one customer describes as "arguably the best thing I’ve [...]

5 Delicious Vegan Food Discoveries Everyone Should Try

(Original article by Becky Striepe for Care2. Thank you for the mention, Becky!) Vegan foods have come a long way since the grainy baked goods of the ’70s. These breakthroughs in the world of vegan cooking aren’t highly processed junk. They’re plant-based foods that are kinder alternatives to their animal-based cousins. And they’re changing the face of veganism. [...]

April 21st, 2015|Press|