Is this real cheese?


Does it melt?

Heating it brings out the natural oils, giving it a soft, gooey texture. But it doesn’t melt and stretch like dairy cheese.

How is the cheese made?

We use rejuvelac, a probiotic liquid that’s made by soaking, sprouting, and resoaking any grain. Cashews and supporting ingredients are blended with rejuvelac and held in an environment that supports the chemical reaction that turns cashews into cheese.

Where can I buy it?

On the store page on this very website, and maybe at a store or restaurant near you. Check out our handy dandy store finder to learn more.

Is the cheese raw?

We start with “raw” cashews, but “raw” cashews aren’t really raw because they’re heat treated after harvesting to get them out of their shells. The cheese is also heated as part of our process.

Are the probiotics in the cheese good for you?

Probiotics in rejuvelac are the magic that turns cashews into cheese, but it’s doubtful that the probiotics survive the cooking process.

Do you raise the goats yourself?

There are no goats involved. Animal milk isn’t part of the recipe. The cheese is 100% vegan.

What’s wrong with dairy?

It’s unhealthy for humans and our environment, and it’s cruel to the animals who are exploited for their milk. A Google search for “dairy farm video” or “undercover dairy farm video” or “dairy farm investigation” can explain it further.

Do I have to be vegan to eat the cheese?

Nope. If you like good food, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Where do you make the cheese?

At the Pure Abundance Cheese Lab, a licensed facility in the Old 4th Ward neighborhood of Atlanta.