Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur on Curiously Veg Radio

Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur on Curiously Veg Radio


Do you remember a world without podcasts? I do.

Commuting was a chore. Music in the car was nice, but it didn’t engage my mind enough to keep me entertained. Most talk radio was boring, or offensive, or both.

Enter podcasts. Thanks to the miracle that is the internet, we now have unlimited options for drive time entertainment.

When I was becoming vegan, books and websites helped a lot, but podcasts had the most impact. I love the sense of intimacy created when I’m alone in the car listening to 1 or 2 people who seem like they really get me.

Vegan podcasts taught me important, relevant, life changing things. After absorbing all the information I could stand, I took a break from vegan podcasts.

Break time is over.

Curiously Veg Radio, hosted by Atlanta supervegans Hope Hughes and David Powell, has gotten me back on the vegan podcast train. Pure Abundance sponsored a recent episode, in which Hope and David interview Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary.

Download the audio if you like to listen while driving like I do, or watch it on Youtube to see their sweet faces.

Some serious Pure Abundance love starts at 1:09:40. I am honored and grateful. Happy listening!

Peace, love, & cheese,

Allison Wunderland

February 23rd, 2016|Audio, Press, Videos|