Pure Abundance Vegan Cheese, Crowdpleaser and Conversation Piece

Pure Abundance Vegan Cheese, Crowdpleaser and Conversation Piece

(Original article by Kem for Atlanta On the Path.)

Local Roots, my favorite delivery service, delivered Pure Abundance vegan cheese directly to my front door two weeks ago for a dinner party.  Talk about simplifying my party planning-I was thrilled that this specialty cheese, a conversation piece NO DOUBT arrived without me driving!

I loved the taste, texture and homespun qualities of Pure Abundance.  Leigh and I decided that we must interview Allison Wunderland, the owner of Pure Abundance to learn more about the process of creating artisanal, vegan cheese.

In the interview, Allison explained Pure Abundance is her way of sharing the secret she learned: Vegan food is GOOD!  She feels strongly about spreading the message that we can have delicious, satisfying, gourmet meals made entirely of plants.  Being vegan isn’t about deprivation or sacrifice; it’s about peace and abundance.  This all started one night when she saved a lost dog from the streets and brought her home to live with her.  Through her connection to this loving and smart dog she named Abra, she realized she no longer wanted to eat animals.  Pure Abundance was born!

I asked Allison how she makes vegan cheese and her response was amusing.  She uses a mix of chemistry and magic and then, ” the mixture sits in a cheese cave” for eleven days. The Luna cheese is best for quesadillas, grits and roasted vegetables. It is light, fluffy and maintains shape.

The Pan is my favorite for nibbling. It has parsley, basil and thyme on the outside and packs a punch. I found that I could not stop eating the Pan directly from my cheese knife.  I experienced no stomach cramps resulting from eating too much dairy. All of us benefit from consuming less dairy and Pure Abundance is a GLAMOROUS opportunity to incorporate a vegan cheese.

I truly do not think your guests would notice that the Pure Abundance cheese is vegan unless you pointed it out, however it creates a perfect conversation piece, icebreaker or better yet healthy party surprise.

Give Pure Abundance a try for your next social occasion.  You can even include traditional cheeses side by side to ramp up the conversation.  Include the usuals such as crackers, grapes and marcona almonds.

You can purchase Pure Abundance at Whole Foods on Ponce and in Buckhead, the Morningside Farmer’s Market, Sevananda, The Mercantile and Health Unlimited to name a few ….and my favorite Local Roots for front door delivery.  You can even find it on the menu at O4W Pizza, LaCalavera Bakery and Dulce Vegan.

Yum On Your Path.


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